Creative Ideas for Chocolate Fountains

Setting the Commercial Chocolate Fountain Stage for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to plan a special Sephra chocolate fountain brunch you can market to your clients. Offer your commercial chocolate fountain services and be ready with a Mother’s Day brunch plan featuring Sephra chocolate and fabulous dipping treats which no mother will turn down.

Grow an (Edible) Mud Pie Chocolate Fountain Station

kids birthday party ideasIf your next chocolate fountain rental is for an event centered around kids, such as a birthday party or a family reunion, consider showing kids how to grow a mud pie from your chocolate fountain display. Any adults present will likely have no qualms about joining in with this fun and delicious take on chocolate fountains!

Sephra's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies Rarely does a single recipe become worthy of its own blog post; but this is the exception. These are by far THE best chocolate chip cookies...EVER!  Inspired by Mrs. Field's use of ground oatmeal, this recipe will make you famous with friends and family. And while the Sephra chocolate chips are not a must - they really do make a huge different.

Fusion Chocolate Fountains: From Halo-Halos to Crepes

Halo halos and chocolate fountainsFusion cuisine, which mixes two or more ethnic influences into dishes, has grown more popular as chefs get increasingly creative with combining flavors from various cultures. To appeal to a wider demographic and to add interest at your next chocolate fountain event, consider these fusion chocolate fountain ideas.


Combine Dippable Mini-Cupcakes with Chocolate Fountains to Delight Brides

mini cupcakes and chocolate fountainsCupcakes have become the fashionable dessert, with small cupcake focused bakeries popping up in towns and cities across the nation. Wedding cakes composed of cupcakes is a trend that naturally followed the cupcake phenomenon, so why not delight your next bridal client with tiers of mini cupcakes for her chocolate fountain wedding cake? 

Creating a Mini-Cupcake Masterpiece 

Create a Romantic Date Night at Home with a Chocolate Fondue Fountain

If you have a home chocolate fountain, you can plan the perfect romantic date night without leaving the house. Most date nights focused on romance include dinner at a nice restaurant, candlelight and wine or champagne. Instead, save your money and plan a decadent date night at home using these ideas! 

Setting the Stage for Romance 

Spooktacular Chocolate Fountain Ideas for Haunted Houses

Halloween chocolate fountain ideasHalloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by hosting a spooky haunted house? And what better way to make your haunted house stand out as the tastiest frightfest than by including a spooktacular chocolate fountain?   

Creepies, Crawlies, and Chocolate! Preparing Your Home Chocolate Fountain for Halloween

Halloween candy makingHalloween is the perfect holiday to host a creepy, crawly chocolate fountain party. Chocolate for chocolate fountain is not only delicious, but delight everyone from kids to adults.

Marketing your Chocolate Fountain as a Gluten-Free Dessert Option

 Gluten Free Chocolate FountainsSo many allergies have started to hit the mainstream as people become more aware of food sensitivities, with the gluten allergy taking top billing.

3 Reasons You Need a Chocolate Fountain Wind Guard for Outdoor Events

Chocolate Fountain Wind GuardWhether it’s a casual outdoor gathering for friends or a lavish summer wedding, adding a chocolate fountain is a delicious way to make your outdoor event memorable. A chocolate fountain will enhance any type of outdoor event, ranging from ultra-casual to chic and formal themes.

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