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Chocolate fountains flowing perfectlyThe secret to a perfectly flowing chocolate fountain - every time.

One of the most important tips in learning how to operate your chocolate fountain is the simple act of what we call 'burping' your chocolate fountain. Burping??? Sounds a bit crazy, but burping is one of the most effective and easy steps you can take to remove excess air from the cylinder and allow the chocolate fondue to 'curtain' properly (more chocolate fountain lingo - it means cascading down the tiers without any gaps or holes.) The air bubble which may be trapped in your cylinder acts as a cork and impedes the flow of chocolate, creating a drippy look. Not what you're looking for if your are doing a chocolate fountain rental event or if you have guests to your home to enjoy dipping from your home fondue fountain.

Below is the first video you should watch...

These are the top tips to learn how to operate your chocolate fountain. Be sure you have at least the minimum amount of Sephra Chocolate in your fountain. Without the minimum there's not enough chocolate fondue flowing to cascade down properly creating the 'curtain' effect. Secondly, make sure your chocolate is properly heated before turning on the chocolate fountain. If it is not melted through, the chocolate fondue may appear lumpy. If you've overheated and scorched it, the chocolate may tend to become thick and not flow properly. This most commonly occurs when heating white chocolate, more sensitive to heat than milk and dark fondue chocolate. Easy microwave melting instructions are on the back of every bag of Sephra Chocolate. The chocolate chips can also be melted into fondue right in the basin of most models of Sephra chocolate fountains. NOTE: This is not a universal feature with all brands of chocolate fountains. Make sure you're using a Sephra fountain with a heating element, or fountain with a comparable heating element which won't scorch chocolate.

Next step - turn on your fountain. Let it flow for a couple of minutes. If there are gaps in the fondue flow, simply turn off your fountain for about 30 seconds. You may notice air bubbles popping in the top of the cylinder, as well as in the basin. Turn the fountain back on and you should have perfectly flowing chocolate fondue! This tip works for any size chocolate fountain, from our large commercial size chocolate fountains to our smallest home fondue fountain. Any questions at all about how to operate your Sephra chocolate fountain or run your chocolate fountain rental business - give us a call! Our team of chocolate fountain professionals is on hand and ready to help! 858.605.3088

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Chocolate covered pretzels are a delicious snack, but they are also a culinary canvas. The next time you get out your chocolate for chocolate fountains and make chocolate covered pretzels, consider taking it to the next level with some of these creative topping ideas. 

Dark and Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Ideas 

There are so many ways to pep up a traditional dark or milk chocolate covered pretzels, including creating a little heat, perhaps to enhance a Mexican themed party. Simply add some chili pepper and red pepper flakes to the dark or milk chocolate for chocolate fountains, and mix in some crushed tortilla chips for a heat-seeking crunchy, chocolaty delight.  

You can also dip your pretzels in chocolate and then roll in toasted coconut and crushed pecans or add espresso powder to the chocolate for a rich, mocha flavored pretzel treat. 

You might also heat up some peanut butter, and after dipping the pretzels into the dark or milk chocolate for chocolate fountains, drizzle the warmed peanut butter over for a rich, buttery finish.  

Or, create a pretzel version of a s’more by dipping the pretzel first in dark or milk chocolate then sprinkling with crushed graham crackers and pressing mini marshmallows into the chocolate to adhere them, and then dip again. Finally, add crushed toffee to the chocolate and then dip the pretzels for an extra crunch. 

White Chocolate Pretzel Ideas  

White chocolate for chocolate fountains is another delicious choice for dipping pretzels and jazzing them up with creative twists. Dip pretzels into rich, buttery white chocolate and then sprinkle with cinnamon for a simple yet unique twist. Another way would be to add lemon zest to the white chocolate dipped pretzels and some cane sugar for a citrusy white chocolate pretzel treat.  

You could also melt butterscotch chips and dip pretzels first into the melted butterscotch and then drizzle with generously with rich white chocolate for chocolate fountains. You can also dip pretzels in white chocolate and then sprinkle with crushed toasted pecans or macadamia nuts.  

If you’re feeling really daring, mix up both white chocolate and dark chocolate and dip in the white chocolate and drizzle with the dark. Then, sprinkle bits of toffee, crushed Oreo cookies or toasted coconut. 

No matter which creation you choose to replicate, chocolate covered pretzels make great snacks, party food or a delicious homemade gift for family and friends. You might even host a chocolate covered pretzel party and line up several of the above toppings and let everyone come up with their own favorite chocolate covered pretzel treat.


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A delicious chocolate fountain is the perfect addition to any kid’s birthday party. Not only do most kids love chocolate, but chocolate fountains are fun, interactive, and just messy enough. Which kid doesn’t enjoy deviating from eating dessert with a knife and fork?  Here are some tips for making a chocolate fountain kid friendly. 

Kid-Friendly Chocolate Fountains: The Basics 

It’s important to remember that kids are less refined and composed than adults standing in line for a trip to the chocolate fountain. A good way to protect the chocolate is to use a wind/sneeze guard, especially if the party will take place outdoors, to keep the chocolate for chocolate fountains from getting contaminated by a sneezing child or debris on the wind.  

It’s also a good idea to ask parents if a child has any food allergies, since common food allergies among kids includes nuts and strawberries, which are also common dipping treats. To be on the safe side, you might steer clear of these items just in case, especially since there are so many other options for delicious dipping treats.  

It’s important to remember that kids will be kids, and that means that when they are encouraged to dip treats into melted chocolate, a mess will likely occur. If the party is outside, you don’t have to worry as much about dropped chocolate covered dipping treats staining carpet, but an inside party might encourage a specific area designated for chocolate fountain dipping and eating. If the room has carpet, lay out a vinyl “picnic” blanket that mimics the party theme and have the kids gather on this to eat. 

Choosing the Right Dipping Treats for Kids Kids Love Chocolate Fountains

If kids are faced with a platter of fruit and a platter of cookies and confections, they will likely choose the sweeter options for dipping in chocolate. Keeping the choices simple is important because too many choices could be more chaotic in the end. Consider skewers of banana slices, a fruit every child will recognize and that tastes delicious dipped in milk chocolate for chocolate fountains.  

For sweets, consider angel food squares, which don’t crumble easily, small sugar cookies and colorful marshmallows. These foods are all delicious slathered in chocolate for chocolate fountains, and they are easily recognizable to picky kids. They are easy to skewer, so that you will have less occurrences of floating food in the chocolate fountain. 

Following these tips will ensure your next birthday party event will not only be kid-friendly, but will have every kid at the party wanting a fun and yummy chocolate fountain at their next birthday party.


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Strawberries for Chocolate DippingIt’s essential for a chocolate fountain rental business to be able to offer seasonal plans for various types of events, especially during the summer when many people are in a more festive and relaxed mood and want to host various parties. Summer is usually hot, so offering dipping treats suited to the season is important.

Cool Guests Off With Summer Inspired Dipping Treats 

Summer prompts many outdoor summer events or indoor/outdoor events, where the main event takes place inside, but there are outside spaces for guests to gather and mingle. No matter where the event will take place, it’s best to offer some seasonal dipping treats designed to cool down the palette, as well as please it. 

Fresh, cool fruit makes great dipping treats not only because so many delicious fruits are in season during the summer months, but because fruit tastes even better dipped in a chocolate fountain. Summer berries, like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, threaded onto a skewer not only look attractive, but taste refreshing, even after dipped in decadent dark chocolate for chocolate fountains.  

Frozen banana slices also taste refreshing and fabulous after a dip in milk chocolate for chocolate fountains.  

Chocolate fountain ice cream sundaeCool Guests Off With a Chocolate Fountain and Ice Cream 

Another fun option for a summer party is setting up an ice cream station with a one, two or three flavors to choose from, plus a variety of toppings. Of course, the star of the topping section will be the chocolate fountain! What will taste more delicious drizzled on an ice cream sundae than warm, rich chocolate for chocolate fountains?  

You could offer white chocolate for chocolate fountains in addition to milk or dark chocolate for chocolate fountains so that guests can mix the two on top of their ice cream sundaes or choose just one to enhance their dish. White chocolate would taste especially delicious over a banana split, but would also enhance a mocha flavored ice cream.  

Additional toppings that not only taste delicious over ice cream but drenched in chocolate for chocolate fountains are walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, cherries, strawberries, whipped cream and marshmallows. 

This summer, be sure to have cool yet delicious and creative dipping treat options that not only taste even better when covered in chocolate from your chocolate fountain, but will help cool off guests during a hot summer evening – and help make the event stand out among guests and hosts alike.

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kids birthday party ideasIf your next chocolate fountain rental is for an event centered around kids, such as a birthday party or a family reunion, consider showing kids how to grow a mud pie from your chocolate fountain display. Any adults present will likely have no qualms about joining in with this fun and delicious take on chocolate fountains!

Planning the Chocolate Fountain Mud Pie Extravaganza
When planning a chocolate fountain party for kids, it’s important to remember three facts: kids have shorter attention spans, they don’t mind getting messy (many actually prefer to!), and they love to participate in activities rather than watch them unfold.
Although chocolate fountains are an interactive dessert to begin with, stepping it up for that younger audience is the perfect way to customize chocolate fountain rentals for kids – and spread the word on how fun and tasty it was to build a chocolate fountain mud pie.
Knowing what the final product will look like is helpful in planning this type of chocolate fountain event. Gathering enough small cups that resemble flower pots is important, as well as organizing the toppings. Oreo cookie crumbles, gummy worms, toffee bits and fondant shapes are all you need to create delicious chocolate mud pies.
Creating a Delicious Chocolate Fountain Mud Pie
Each child will be given a “pot” to begin the growing process. Next, use a small shovel-like scoop to put the chocolate for chocolate fountains into each pot. Then, the kids can fertilize the chocolate with yummy toppings. Depending on whether the group is all boys or girls, or is mixed gender, might influence the topping choice a bit. For example, an all boy group would enjoy choosing to “fertilize” with Oreo cookie crumbles or toffee bits, but would probably like adding gummy worms to the “dirt” and finishing off with fondant grasshoppers and leaves.
An all girl group might not want to put worms in their mud pies and would likely appreciate choosing from several types of fondant flowers to top their mud pie creations with. Of course, if the group is mixed, offering a combination of these toppings will ensure that everyone gets to create a unique chocolate fountain mud pie that tastes delicious, whether it is sprouting insects or flowers.
Of course, these edible chocolate fountain mud pies won’t last too long in front of their creators before being devoured with zeal by hungry children who will likely beg to make another before the afternoon is through!