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home-chocolate-fondue-fountainsIf you've been tempted to buy a home fondue fountain, but have heard ugly rumors about how hard they are to set up and clean up, take a look at this - and start dipping today! 

The Sephra Select Home Chocolate Fountain is one of the best, most entertaining pieces of kitchen equipment you can buy. It will add such a great element of fun to any event! It's the perfect size for family functions or holiday parties and runs quietly and flawlessly every time. This video is less than two minutes long and takes you through easy directions to set up your Select Home Fondue Fountain, as well as the proper way to melt Sephra Chocolate in the microwave.

Assembling your Select Home Chocolate Fountain

Setting up a Sephra Home Fountain is so basic, it will take you longer to read this post than to assemble. Simply join the two pieces of the plastic cylinder together and seat the cylinder into the fountain basin. Lower the gray auger (the twisty thing) into the cylinder. You should feel it slip properly into the bottom of the cylinder. Then turn the heating element on. After melting the chocolate (instructions on how to melt Sephra chocolate below) cut off the corner of the bag and pour the chocolate into the basin. Squeeze out every last drop of our delicious couverture dipping chocolate. Slip the two tiers onto the cylinder and top with the crown and you're ready to start the fountain. Check out the "Pro Tips" in this video for perfectly flowing chocolate fondue every time. See also The Secret to Burping Your Chocolate Fountain for more helpful info on maintaining that smooth flowing chocolate every time you use your home fondue fountain. Tips apply to other types of fondue, like cheese, ranch dressing and caramel. Maple syrup anyone? More about those options below. 

How to Melt Sephra Chocolate

It takes less than four minutes to melt Sephra chocolate chips into smooth, rich and creamy chocolate fondue. Simply place the bag of Sephra chocolate in the microwave and heat on half power for one minute. Remove the bag from the microwave and massage the bag by squeezing it in your hands. Place the bag back into the microwave and repeat this process until the chocolate is a smooth creamy fondue. (Usually about 4 minutes total). Instructions are on the back of every bag of Sephra chocolate. Snip off the corner of the bag and add to your chocolate fountain.

Turn on the fountain and let it flow for a few minutes. If you find your chocolate has gaps or is 'drippy' looking simply turn off the fountain for 30 seconds to let air escape the cylinder. Then turn the chocolate fountain back on. This process is called 'burping' and is shown in greater detail in our Chocolate Fountain Burping video The Secret to Burping Your Chocolate Fountain .

Fondue Recipes for your fountain

Be sure to try these amazing fondue recipes in your Sephra Select Home Fondue Fountain. There are a ton of delicious options!

Cheese Fondue:

Try cheese fondue for a nacho or taco party. Just provide lot's of crisp corn chips, jalapeno peppers, diced tomatoes, spicy taco meat, olives and any other goodies you call nacho heaven! Our favorite cheese fondue recipe is easy. We recommend a #10 can of Que Bueno! Nacho Cheese Sauce. You should be able to purchase this at your favorite warehouse store. Just follow the directions on the can to heat and stir in 4 cups water. Add cheese fondue mixture to the fountain. After 45 minutes you may need to add a bit more water into the basin and stir. Turn the fountain up to the highest temp. The cheese in the bottom of the basin may scorch a bit, but the cheese will stay gooey, warm and delicious. NOTE: We have tried all kinds of other thinners for our cheese fondue recipe, such as milk, whip cream, etc. but water works the best! Please comment below if you've had luck with any other liquids.  

Caramel Fondue: 

Enjoy the delicious buttery taste of Sephra caramel fondue. This is an especially fun fondue recipe for fall. Perfect for dipping apples at a Halloween party. Bananas are great in the caramel fondue as well as crispy cookies! Serve up ice cream and drizzle caramel fondue over the top. Yum! It's really up to your imagination what you can pair with caramel fondue and any of the fondue recipes listed here. 

BBQ Sauce: 

Provide a supply of meatballs, wings, mini hot dogs or kielbasa. Let your guests (this is a fun family dinner, too) dip the meats into the BBQ Sauce. You can set the fondue fountain right in the center of your dinner table. Serve with potato salad and fruit and you have not only a healthy dinner, but one your kids will love and remember! Just use your favorite Bar-b-que sauce. 

Ranch Dressing Fondue: 

Bring on the veggies and watch your family devour them! This is a fun way to serve veggies and a fun family dinner addition to any main dish. Our favorite ranch fondue recipes uses Hidden Valley Ranch Fat Free dressing. You can even add a tad of water to get the flow down to perfection. 

Maple Syrup: 

The aroma of flowing maple syrup running through your Sephra home fondue will make your mouth water. So many delicious options to dip, too. It's a great "breakfast for dinner" option and also yummy for "breakfast for breakfast" and brunches. This is a big hit at a brunch type baby shower or bridal shower. Dip French toast sticks, waffles, sausages. I mean, what is not good dipped in maple syrup? Right? We have used all different types of off-the-shelf maple syrup, so just go with your family's fav. 

Be sure to try all these delicious fondue recipe ideas in your Sephra Home Fondue Fountain. Please share your tips and secrets in our comments below, so the rest of us can get into dipping mode. As always, our team of chocolate fountain and fondue specialists are happy to help in anyway we can. Give a call. 888.973.7472

Happy dipping! 





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Looking for a way to increase income in your chocolate fountain rental business, bring more customers to your coffee house, cafe or hotel? Sephra has just what you need. Offer your hungry customers crepes. An alluring idea on its own or along side a delectable and enticing chocolate fountain. Crepes are the newest trend in gourmet treats. Sephra's crepe maker is the best crepe maker on the market, bar none. Created with the same standard of quality as other Sephra products, our crepe maker creates the perfect crepe time and time again. The biggest pitfall of other brands of crepe makers is there inconsistent heating element. Crepes will be undone in the middle and over cooked on the outside causing a disappointing crepe experience.

Offer a variety of delicious options to fill the crepes, much will be the same as what you offer to dip into the chocolate fondue. Plus Sephra offers THE most delicious crepe mix. So easy to make - simply add water and go! Which is why these two products make such a good team at weddings, corporate events, and other types of gatherings. And hey, the best crepe recipe in the world is a crepe drizzled in chocolate fondue. So, voila! There you have it. Call our outstanding team of specialists in chocolate fountain rental events and find out how to add this terrific option to your repertoire today! Call us today! (888) 9-SEPHRA

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How to melt dark chocolate fondue in the microwaveAnother helpful Quick Tips Video from Sephra - the chocolate fountain people.  

Melt Sephra chocolate in the microwave and add to your chocolate fountain.

Simply place the 2 lb microwave safe, BPA free bag in your microwave; set the time for 2 minutes on half power; press start. Don't poke holes or open the bag in any way. Remove the bag from the microwave and knead with your hands. The chocolate will feel squishy, but not entirely melted. Place the bag into the microwave again for two more minutes at half power. Remove from microwave and cut off the corner of the bag. Pour the melted chocolate into the basin of your fountain.

Make sure the bottom piece of the cylinder is already set into the fountain before adding the chocolate, as it is much harder to set the cylinder on the pegs once the chocolate is in the fountain. If you continue to melt your chocolate fondue beyond the 4 minute mark, you run the risk of scorching the chocolate. This will cause the chocolate consistency to be somewhat like toothpaste and it will only worsen with more heat. Be especially careful with white chocolate as it is most easily scorched. I prefer to melt my white chocolate one minute at a time, always at half power, just to keep a closer eye on it. For more of Sephra's Quick Tips, check this: The Secret to Burping Your Chocolate Fountain - a must see!

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Chocolate fountains flowing perfectlyThe secret to a perfectly flowing chocolate fountain - every time.

One of the most important tips in learning how to operate your chocolate fountain is the simple act of what we call 'burping' your chocolate fountain. Burping??? Sounds a bit crazy, but burping is one of the most effective and easy steps you can take to remove excess air from the cylinder and allow the chocolate fondue to 'curtain' properly (more chocolate fountain lingo - it means cascading down the tiers without any gaps or holes.) The air bubble which may be trapped in your cylinder acts as a cork and impedes the flow of chocolate, creating a drippy look. Not what you're looking for if your are doing a chocolate fountain rental event or if you have guests to your home to enjoy dipping from your home fondue fountain.

Below is the first video you should watch...

These are the top tips to learn how to operate your chocolate fountain. Be sure you have at least the minimum amount of Sephra Chocolate in your fountain. Without the minimum there's not enough chocolate fondue flowing to cascade down properly creating the 'curtain' effect. Secondly, make sure your chocolate is properly heated before turning on the chocolate fountain. If it is not melted through, the chocolate fondue may appear lumpy. If you've overheated and scorched it, the chocolate may tend to become thick and not flow properly. This most commonly occurs when heating white chocolate, more sensitive to heat than milk and dark fondue chocolate. Easy microwave melting instructions are on the back of every bag of Sephra Chocolate. The chocolate chips can also be melted into fondue right in the basin of most models of Sephra chocolate fountains. NOTE: This is not a universal feature with all brands of chocolate fountains. Make sure you're using a Sephra fountain with a heating element, or fountain with a comparable heating element which won't scorch chocolate.

Next step - turn on your fountain. Let it flow for a couple of minutes. If there are gaps in the fondue flow, simply turn off your fountain for about 30 seconds. You may notice air bubbles popping in the top of the cylinder, as well as in the basin. Turn the fountain back on and you should have perfectly flowing chocolate fondue! This tip works for any size chocolate fountain, from our large commercial size chocolate fountains to our smallest home fondue fountain. Any questions at all about how to operate your Sephra chocolate fountain or run your chocolate fountain rental business - give us a call! Our team of chocolate fountain professionals is on hand and ready to help! 858.605.3088

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Gluten Free Chocolate FountainsSo many allergies have started to hit the mainstream as people become more aware of food sensitivities, with the gluten allergy taking top billing. Suddenly, many people are unable to enjoy everyday dessert food like cake and cookies, which means that a chocolate fountain is the perfect answer for a gluten-sensitive client! 

Marketing Your Chocolate Fountain Rental as Gluten-Free 

Chocolate for chocolate fountains is naturally gluten-free, and by offering gluten-free dipping treats to accompany it, there is no reason why a person with a gluten allergy can’t also enjoy a delicious dessert option.  

When you’re talking to a person with a gluten allergy, it’s important to have specific examples of delicious gluten-free dipping treat options and perhaps arranging a taste test to ensure that your promise of gluten-free grandeur is true. 

You could have a gluten-free open house where you set up a milk chocolate fountain and arrange a few dipping treat options, including skewers of fresh sliced strawberries and bananas and small ice cream sundaes drizzled with delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains. Then, have a list prepared of possible gluten-free dipping treats to help seal the deal.  

Also, many places offer gluten-free baked goods, and finding a source for gluten-free cookies that taste great alone and dipped in chocolate for chocolate fountains is also a good option.

Choosing Creative Gluten-Free Dipping Treats 

Gluten Free Chocolate Fountain Dipping ItemsThere is such a wide variety of fruit options that are naturally gluten-free that you have a lot of options to offer clients. Fresh berries, cherries, bananas and peaches can be layered together to make colorful skewers and please the palette even more once dipped in chocolate.  

There are confections that also make gluten-free options like most marshmallows. Also, nuts like walnuts, pecans and macadamias all taste great covered in chocolate for chocolate fountains and are gluten-free. Popcorn drizzled with chocolate is also a creative option.  

Another fun, gluten-free option for a party with a chocolate fountain is to have an ice cream station, and drizzle the chocolate for chocolate fountains over the ice cream to make sundaes. Offering extra toppings like a combination of the nuts mentioned above, whipped cream, banana slices, strawberry slices and cherry sauce all help make a delicious dessert that won’t give anyone with a gluten allergy any problems. 

Choosing to offer a gluten-free package as part of your chocolate fountain rental business is an excellent way to draw additional business and give those who have difficulty finding gluten-free dessert options at events a delicious way to enjoy a party.