Sephra Chocolate Melts

Delight your customers and guests with Sephra Chocolate Melts when it is used in your chocolate fountain or for candy making. Sephra Chocolate Melts are sometimes referred to as a chocolate coating since they are made with vegetable oils rather than cocoa butter. It is 100% trans fat free and has been specially formulated to taste great and flow perfectly in chocolate fountains. Many customers eat it out of the bag it tastes so good. Sephra Chocolate Melts are available in Dark, Milk and White chocolate flavor.

If you are looking for chocolate for chocolate covered strawberries or a chocolate to use in candy making, Sephra Chocolate Melts will make the job quick and enjoyable. Sephra Melts do not need to be tempered and the chocolate sets up to a shiny shell on dipped food items within minutes. Its unique qualities make it the perfect choice for coloring chocolate for candy making, dipping any type of food item where you want the chocolate to harden quickly and of course it works flawlessly in your Sephra Chocolate Fountain. It is less expensive than Sephra Belgian Chocolate and Sephra Premium Chocolate so it is great to use for activities where budget is a consideration. We highly recommend using Sephra Chocolate Melts whenever you use your chocolate fountain or are in the mood to make your own chocolate candy creations.

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