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Waffles are HOT – Time to Get into the (Waffle) Mix? 

The restaurant world is a busy, crazy place.  It’s a 24-hour merry-go-round and those of us in the business sometimes just want to ‘get off’ that wild ride - but wouldn’t change our lives for anything!  It’s fun, challenging and exciting. So, when opportunities come...

Cheese Fondue Fountain – Fun Party Appetizers or Go Main Dish

Out of fresh, fun party ideas for the holidays? Stuck in a rut of same, same holiday appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Ugh. It’s a chore to figure out new ways to WOW your guests. But, Yay, Good news! We’ve got some great ideas to kick your parties up a notch! Got...

Fondue Fountain Challenge – Will it Fountain?

Looking for new fondue ideas? Watch this video! The crazy crew at Vat19.com tries several types of fondue. I guarantee most of these are fondue recipes you and I would never think to try. However, some of these are great ideas and options for using your Sephra Home Fondue Fountain abound! We rate their creative ideas with fondue we would ‘due’ or never ‘due’!

Bubble Waffle Trend – New Twist on Yummy Dessert Waffles

The Bubble Waffle – a curious new food trend. I was intrigued by the name, so, of course, I Googled it. Impressive how many creative ways to serve a bubble waffle popped up. The Bubble Waffle is the #1 street food in Hong Kong, where they originated. New to the American market, the bubble waffle is quickly becoming one of the most popular new dessert waffles. Here’s where you come in…

Fondue Fun for Fall – November is National Fondue Month

So, as luck would have it, as we are in the chocolate fountain and fondue business – November is actually National Fondue Month! YAY! What a great opportunity to offer our fondue – ing friends 30 fondue ideas. Like I always say “a party is not a party without a chocolate fountain!” Apparently everyday of November is an opportunity for you to get out your Sephra Home Fondue and Chocolate Fountain and fondue it! Now you have a great ‘excuse’ (like anyone needs one to fondue)!

Hot Cocoa Recipe Ideas – One Cozy Cup or Hot Cocoa for a Crowd

Nothing sounds more inviting than to cuddle up around the fireplace with a cozy cup of hot cocoa and maybe a crunchy cookie or two. Hot chocolate is even more delicious – and even life saving – at larger events you may be catering. Man – I could go for a cup right now! LOL! Sephra is the best chocolate to help you create one steaming mug of yummy hot chocolate; or a large vat of delicious hot cocoa to warm a chilly crowd. We have a basic hot cocoa recipe as well as some pretty clever ideas to add a little extra “Yum” to that mug, too. Our hot chocolate recipes are borrowed and tweaked from “The Pioneer Woman” TV blogger and Food Network star. We’ve added our own special touch – Sephra Chocolate.

How to Temper Chocolate

I always thought tempering chocolate would be a daunting task – and really tried to avoid it. Recently I saw a segment on the Food Network on how to temper chocolate. Now, I’m all in to tempering! It’s actually fun! There are so many recipes which really rise to the next level, simply by using a good quality chocolate and tempering it.

Best Chocolate Cake – Espresso Style

The best Chocolate Cake ever… yep, we know there are plenty of claims for the best chocolate cake, but behind our cake stands a team of well-educated chefs, avid foodies and a secret ingredient I’m excited to share with you! This decadent chocolate cake is moist, covered with chocolate frosting with a unique twist! Our entire team gave it a thumbs up! All in agreement that it is a superb chocolate cake recipe. We all had to do a taste test, of course, and enjoyed the cake with coffee, tea, or a cold glass of milk. Be we knew as we were noshing on this yummy cake – we had hit the jackpot by adding our Secret Ingredient – Espresso Powder!