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Be Your Own Boss

“Be your own boss”. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Nobody to answer to, no time clock to punch, no co-workers to get on your nerves, you call the shots. Many good reasons to be your own boss. Just one big reason why most people can’t pull it off – and that reason is M O N E Y.

Spider Web Cupcakes

We found a great recipe from Martha Stewart for cute Spider Web Cupcakes. in all honesty, this is probably where I cut corners the most – I would use a cake mix for the cup cakes. The idea I think is so cute for Halloween parties is grouping them together and creating the “spider web” a top the cupcakes.

How to Make Money Fast with Zen

If you’re looking for a way to make money fast, you are not alone. I looked on Google to see how many people were persuing this quest and the search terms that came up were all similar – and there were a lot of them. “How to make money”, “ways to make money”, “how to earn money” and one that really stood out -“how to work from home”. The Dream Job – Make Money and Work From Home

How to Make Zen Waffles on a Stick

How to Make Zen Waffles.

Zen Waffle Bakers are a brand new to the US – innovative catering equipment sold exclusively by Sephra! You may have seen Lolly Waffles and other types of stick waffles, but these really take the cake!

These little gems are real money makers if you own any kind of food service or catering business. Zen Waffles are actually so unique and appealing you could build a startup business just with the waffles themselves. Read our post about starting a small business with Zen Waffles.

How to Start a Small Business – ‘ZEN’ We Make Money!

Sephra Introduces Exclusive New Catering Equipment. We are pleased to introduce an innovative and exciting new version of waffles on a stick. We call them “Zen Waffles.” They are adorable little waffles on stick and sell like hotcakes! Your customers will love these! This is a GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! The SEPHRA ZEN WAFFLE BAKER is a real life changer. For a nominal investment in $$$ and very little time, you can increase your current bottom line, BIG TIME, if you currently own a business. OR, use this one eye-catching, delightful little product as a startup business – a new adventure that will be both profitable and ZEN you will have fun, too!

Pumpkin Spice Fondue and Dip

Mix the cream cheese and sugar with an electric mixer until completely smooth and until the sugar is dissolved. Make sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl a few times while mixing before adding additional ingredients. Add the pumpkin puree, spices, and maple syrup

Belgian Waffle Recipe with Raspberries and Custard

If you’re looking for a good excuse to serve warm, scrumptious waffles for breakfast tomorrow – I just found a great one!

National Waffle Day!
Every year on August 24th, get ready to splurge! It’s National Waffle Day! I poked around a little bit on the web and found several reasons for National Waffle Day. Everything from an American inventor getting the first patent for a waffle baker back in 1869, to a celebration of eating waffles on March 25th in Sweden.

Chocolate Truffles for Mother’s Day – You Won’t Find These on Amazon

I wanted to do something very special for my ‘girls’ this past Mother’s Day. Nothing ordered from Amazon or See’s candies. Homemade Sephra Chocolate truffles from GiGi’s kitchen was the answer! I did some recipe snooping and found many different ingredients to incorporate into the truffle recipes and many different ways to make these rich, little delectable orbs, using a couple varieties of chocolate from Sephra. What can I say? They were amazing!

Is Chocolate Good For You? 11 Reasons We Say Yes!

IS CHOCOLATE REALLY GOOD FOR YOU? Yes, great news! For years we were told all the reasons to avoid chocolate… It’ll make you fat; it’ll make your face break out; it’ll lead to diabetes. Chocolate had a bad rap. We really dug in and learned there are several reasons to enjoy a bit of healthy chocolate. Dark chocolate benefits are particularly noteworthy. Much of this info was a total shock to me some of the chocolate benefits really impact and help avoid some serious health issues. #thumbsup