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Sephra Home Chocolate Fountains

Home Fountain Features 

- WhisperQuiet Motor - So quiet your guests may not even realize the motor is running 
- Dishwasher Safe Parts - Could cleaning be any easier? 
- QuickSet Assembly - Anyone can set up these fountain in minutes 
- ETL Electrically Certified - Trust that your equipment is certified safe
- Food Grade Stainless Steel
- Simple to use
- Upgrade plastic tier set to stainless steel tier set (Available for Elite & Classic)
* Interesting fact: The Select, Classic and Elite home fountains have been endurance tested for a total of 5 1/2 months! That's over 3,900 hours of consecutive run time. These fountains are designed to be the quietest, most dependable chocolate fountains on the market. Made to last a lifetime! 

Sephra is the world's most trusted name in chocolate fountains. WhisperQuietTM technology, dishwasher safe parts and a QuickSetTM;Tier Assembly are just a few of the industry leading features found only in Sephra fountains. WhisperQuietTM technology ensures your chocolate fountain makes no more noise than a whisper - the key to any successful party or event! The QuickSetTM Tier System allows for a quick and wasy set up. Each fountain has dishwasher safe parts making clean up a breeze, especially coupled with the removable bowl feature found on the Elite Home Fountains. Sephra fountains are built to last and offer the very best warranty and features found within the home and semi professional market.  

The chocolate fountain is the ultimate accessory for every fondue lover and home entertainer. Sephra Chocolate Fountains are recognized the world over as being the highest quality chocolate fountain available, bringing all the wonderful elements of fun, excitement and laughter to your family gathering or social event. The chocolate fountain is sometimes referred to as a chocolate fondue fountain, because it can be very versatile in offering guests a wide variety of fondues other than chocolate. Of course there are all the varieties of chocolate which can be used such as Sephra Dark, Milk and White chocolate which are fabulously rich and delicious. But did you know that the Sephra Chocolate Fountain can also run other fondue foods such as cheese, caramel, Sephra fruit puree, barbecue sauce, all types of syrup for a breakfast buffet and even ranch dressing for the vegetable dip for the evening?The possibilities are endless! Check out our Recipes for some great chocolate fountain ideas. The Sephra Blog is also a great source for chocolate fountain party ideas. Whatever type of fondue you choose to enjoy, a Sephra chocolate fountain is the best choice for reliability and quality.

There is nothing better though than warm melted chocolate cascading down the different levels of the chocolate fountain in which you dip your favorite pastry or fruit. Your friends and family will always enjoy the delicious Sephra chocolate and remember the fun they have laughing, talking and covering their delicious treats in warm melted fondue chocolate.

Three Awesome Choices

Sephra has created three different models for home use: "Elite", "Classic" and "Select". Each model is designed to meet the different wants and needs of our diverse customer base. We take great pride in the “Whisper Quiet” silence of the Sephra home chocolate fountains. You can hardly hear the motors running - which is a great thing when you are entertaining at home with a house full of guests.

Sephra Elite

Sephra Elite Home Chocolate Fountain

The Sephra Elite is recognized throughout the world as the premier chocolate fountain for home use. This unique chocolate fountain stands 19 inches tall and has several unique features:

- A removable bowl for ease in cleaning. Simply unscrew the bowl from off the base and wash it easily in the sink with warm soapy water along with the center column and tiers.
- The electronic temperature control panel has four different temperature settings which allow you to more easily run different types of fondue. For example: Cheese may require the temperature to be a little hotter while white chocolate needs to be a little cooler while running through the chocolate fountain.
 -You can melt the chocolate for the chocolate fountain right in the bowl. Just pour in the Sephra chocolate fondue chips and the chocolate will be melted in about 45 minutes. Make sure to stir the chocolate every few minutes while it is melting.
- The capacity of the bowl of the Elite model is a little over 5 pounds of chocolate or fondue. This permits you to fill up the chocolate fountain at the beginning of the evening and not have to frequently fill it back up as the guests enjoy dipping. This amount of chocolate typically serves up to 20-25 guests.
- Three adjustable feet make it easy to level the chocolate fountain on any surface so you can obtain the classic Sephra chocolate fountain look of cascading chocolate off the three tier levels.

Sephra Classic 

The Sephra Classic is standard of the home chocolate fountain industry. It stands at 18 inches tall and looks much like the Elite model - however it does not have the electronic control panel. Its unique features include:

Sephra Classic Home Fondue Fountain- A bowl capacity of approximately 5 pounds of chocolate or fondue like the Elite model so it serves 20-25 guests easily.
- The fixed bowl is not removable. For cleaning, simply turn the Classic chocolate fountain on its side at the edge of the sink and wash it out with warm soapy water. It cleans very easily.
- One standard fixed heat setting accommodates all chocolate fondue as well as most other fondues you may choose to use.
- You can also melt the chocolate in the bowl just as you can in the Elite chocolate fountain. Allow about 45 minutes for the chocolate to be completely melted.
- Three adjustable feet make it easy to level the chocolate fountain on any surface so you can obtain the classic Sephra chocolate fountain look of cascading chocolate off the three tier levels. 



Sephra Select

The Sephra Select is the perfect home chocolate fountain for smaller parties. It is also great as an accent chocolate fountain at a party where you want to offer different types of chocolate or fondue to your guests so there is a variety from which to choose. It stands at 16 inches tall and its’ brushed stainless steel finish makes it very elegant. It too is “Whisper Quiet”. Many of our customers have told us they can hardly tell it is even turned on while it is running. The unique features of the Select include:

Sephra Select Home Chocolate Fountain- A bowl capacity of 4 pounds of chocolate or fondue so it takes less chocolate to operate. Perfect for small gatherings.
- Fixed bowl like the Classic chocolate fountain. It is very easy to clean up in next to the sink with warm soapy water.
- Melts chocolate directly in the bowl in about 30 minutes.
- Fixed heat setting is perfect for almost all types of fondue.
- Three adjustable feet make it easy to level so the chocolate fountain will flow perfectly.

If you have any questions as to which Sephra Chocolate Fountain would best fit your needs, please call us at 888-973-7472 and our customer support staff will be happy to give you tips and suggestions to assist you in making your choice and preparations for your fun-filled chocolate fountain party!

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