Chocolate Truffles for Mother's Day - You Won't Find These on Amazon
I wanted to do something very special for my ‘girls’ this past Mother’s Day. Nothing ordered from Amazon or See’s candies. Homemade Sephra Chocolate truffles from GiGi’s kitchen was the answer! I did some recipe snooping and found many different ingredients to incorporate into the truffle recipes and many different ways to make these rich, little delectable orbs, using a couple varieties of chocolate from Sephra. What can I say? They were amazing!Read More
Is Chocolate Good For You? 11 Reasons We Say Yes!
IS CHOCOLATE REALLY GOOD FOR YOU? Yes, great news! For years we were told all the reasons to avoid chocolate... It’ll make you fat; it’ll make your face break out; it’ll lead to diabetes. Chocolate had a bad rap. We really dug in and learned there are several reasons to enjoy a bit of healthy chocolate. Dark chocolate benefits are particularly noteworthy. Much of this info was a total shock to me some of the chocolate benefits really impact and help avoid some serious health issues. #thumbsupRead More
Time to Purchase a Commercial Chocolate Fountain for Your Business?
A chocolate fountain is the perfect dessert choice for your week-end buffets and brunches. Private parties celebrating a wedding, graduation, anniversary or birthday would love the option of a chocolate fountain. A celebration is Not a celebration without a chocolate fountain! However, what is the best commercial chocolate fountain for business? Let's dive in and consider your options. There are some so many reasons to offer a chocolate fountain to your customers. First, more than a chocolate fountain, it’s a fabulous “money making” machine. As an owner or manager of a food service facility think about the ease of service of the fountain.Read More
Catering Business Ideas - Waffles Please!
Waffles are an anytime food. We’ve enjoyed waffles for dinner; waffles for breakfast and of course, waffles for brunch is a ‘natural’. We’ve also had over-baked waffles, under-baked waffles and varying colors of the finished product…light, blond & gooey to dark, burned manhole covers. My husband’s first girl-friend made him waffles and his assessment was; “burned manhole covers”, very descriptive, right?Read More
Valentine Ideas with Chocolate Fondue and Other Lucious Desserts
DID YOU KNOW... the Romans celebrated February 14th as a special day to honor gods and goddesses? So interesting - and now we have Valentines Day! We love to celebrate Valentine’s Day by showering our special “Valentines” with jewelry, flowers and candy - but MOSTLY CHOCOLATE!! Now, we can warm up to that idea in a hurry. It’s part of our daily diet. LOL if you're like me, anyway! You know the definition of a balanced diet, don’t you? “CHOCOLATE IN BOTH HANDS”!! I started thinking a lot about what great Valentine ideas I could offer you this year that would be romantic, seductive, delicious and, of course, include chocolate. I also have a few ideas for a family V day and for a crowd. So read on and find some great, new ways to celebrate the holiday of love - Valentines Day!Read More
Trade In Your Old Chocolate Fountain
TRADE IN THAT OLD, COMMERCIAL, NON-WORKING OR WORKING CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN (REGARDLESS OF BRAND) and save 20% off the price of a NEW SEPHRA CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN OF ANY SIZE. SAVE AS MUCH AS $660! If you don’t need a new chocolate fountain - trade the old unit in for 20% off a NEW SEPHRA COMMERCIAL CREPE OR WAFFLE MAKER. Great Deals on New Chocolate Fountains and Fondue Chocolate No trade in, you say. That’s ok. We’ve got you covered. Buy your new Sephra commercial fountain today—get 10% off; plus a $90 case of Sephra fabulous fondue chocolate absolutely FREE! SAVE UP TO $400! Sweet New Chocolate FountainsRead More
 Super Bowl Fun Food

Super Bowl Fun Food

By Shirl
Get ready for Kick-Off. So much preparation will go into the next 4 weeks for the biggest sports day of the year - The Super Bowl - both on the football field and in the home kitchen. We don’t know who’s going to play, we only know there are 12 teams going to ‘slug it out’ over the next few weeks to take home that coveted Super Bowl ring and the title of “Super Bowl Champions”, the most sought after ‘title’ in the sports world. So, while they’re on the field competing for field position and 1st downs, let's ‘rustle’ up some tasty Super Bowl snacks for all the fans positioned on our couches ready to chow down!Read More
The New Sephra Belgian Waffle Maker
The New Sephra Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker is here! Not to mention one of the most outstanding waffle batter recipes I have ever tasted! The Sephra Belgian Waffle Batter Mix comes in 5, 10 and 30 lb bags. So easy to make - just add water!Read More
3 Easy Steps to a Decadent Caramel Fondue Fountain
So many fun occasions to celebrate in Autumn! Today we're going to tempt you with a caramel fondue fountain! As you can imagine... yeah, it's pretty amazing! Rich, buttery caramel flowing over the tiers of the Sephra Select Fountain! Yummm. We have some great ideas to kick off your holiday entertaining. Check out our FaceBook Live Video for even more fondue recipe ideas.Read More
Chipotle Cheese Sauce Fondue

Chipotle Cheese Sauce Fondue

By April Muir
Chipotle Cheese Sauce is delicious any time of year, however, even more fantastic for Cinco de Mayo or any type of Mexican Fiesta, taco bar or anything with Mexican Food. Great party food recipe for game day, too. It's a guys favorite recipes for sure! Do Cinco de Mayo right with this fondue recipe.Read More
Peanut Butter Recipes made with Awesomeness and Love

Time to put a new spin on everthing with peanut butter! The NEW Awesomenss Liquid Peanut Butter is going to make all of your favorite peanut butter recipes even more delicious and easier than ever to create! 

Liquid peanut butter is genious! This product has all natural ingredients and makes using peanut butter in your recipes a breeze! No more fighting with that clump or glob of regular peanut butter in the kitchen. 

We are - obviously - very excited that it makes such great peanut butter fondue - just as is - right out of the jar! We've also been testing (and sampling) several other great peanut butter recipes you're going to love! 

Read More
Awesomeness Liquid Peanut Butter - The Unveiling

We knew from the first taste there could only be one name for it – AWESOMENESS!

You'll totally understand as your taste buds experience an amazing sensation the first time you try this golden peanutty liquid. Sephra is proud to introduce the latest and most innovative product to the culinary world. "Sephra Awesomeness Liquid Peanut Butter" - a delicious and very versatile ‘must have’ ingredient in your pantry. We found so many great uses for this golden goodness. Imagine having a smooth pourable – all natural – peanut butter to add to all of your favorite recipes – instead of fighting with that clump or blob or regular peanut butter.

Of course, the #1 reason we started marketing this awesome product was using it in our fondue fountains. It makes a tremendous peanut butter fondue! It flows perfectly through home fondue fountains as well as the large commercial fountains. Just pour from the jar and go – it’s that easy! We tested them all. (Ya gotta do what ya gotta do) We do love our jobs…

Read More
The 30 Minute Meltdown

The 30 Minute Meltdown

By April Muir
Yet another impressive feature about the Sephra Chocolate Fountain! Sephra is the ONLY chocolate fountain on the market which allows you to melt chocolate chips right in the fountain basin. Yep, you heard it here. Commercial as well as home fountains. That is a pretty simplifying feature if you're talking about setting up a chocolate fountain for any event. Simply turn on the fountain heating element; sprinkle chips right into the basin; stir occasionally and voila! Within 30 minutes you'll have warm, silky chocolate flowing flawlessly in your fountain.Read More
Banana Toffee Pudding

Banana Toffee Pudding

By April Muir
This past Easter we were delighted to have a business associate join us for the holiday. She needed to meet with us and the only time schedules coordinated was over Easter weekend. We wanted her to feel welcome and included in our celebration, so asked what she typically served for Easter dessert? Since she is currently living in Fiji and had recently relocated from Australia, but originally hails from the UK, we had no idea what to expect and were admittedly a little nervous. Something with pineapples, or coconut? A dessert you can quickly fashion on the bar-by? Or some bland (no offense England…) minced meat pie thing?Read More

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