Sephra Dark Chocolate Melts (20lb case)

Summer Melting Notice - During the summer months it is possible that your chocolate may arrive softened or melted. Please be assured that this will not affect the quality of the chocolate. Store chocolate in a cool, dry place, do not freeze or refrigerate. If chocolate has softened and re-hardened, you may notice slight discoloration on the surface. This is due to a natural process known as blooming where the cocoa butter / oil rises to the surface of the chocolate. Blooming does not affect the appearance or quality of the chocolate once it is remelted.

Please note: Chocolate cannot be returned or refunded once shipped.

Delicious semi sweet dark chocolate designed to harden on dipped items. Fountain ready. Great for candy making and molding. No need to temper.

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Sephra Dark Chocolate Coating is specially formulated for use in chocolate fountains and by confectioners who wish to have a chocolate coating that will harden quickly when molding or dipping food items. Sometimes referred to as a compound coating, it is made of similar ingredients as chocolate, however compound coatings contain greater than 5% vegetable fat substituted for traditional cocoa butter that is found in chocolate. Compound coatings also are made with cocoa powder instead of chocolate liquor. Confectioners often prefer compound coating due to its economical cost and since it does not require tempering as do cocoa butter based chocolate products.

Microwavable packaging.  No oil or extra ingredients needed, Fountain Ready. Hardens quickly on coated items-no tempering required!  Also great for candy-making.

Contains ten (10) 2lb bags

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Candy and Fondue Double Duty
I love to make homemade candy to give as gifts. I also have a small Sephra chocolate fountain to use for family birthdays, special holidays and we entertain often, so there's always a chocolate fountain for dessert. This Sephra chocolate will let me to everything. I can make candy or use in the fountain with equally successful results. I love things that provide double value! Review by Sue S. (Posted on 12/11/2017)
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