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Drip Guard

Extend the drip zone of your commercial chocolate fountain by 3.5". Fits the Sephra 34" & 44" base only.
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Stock Item 10516
Fountain Grate

Easily catch and remove dropped dipping items from your fountain. Catches dropped items and prevents clogging. Fits CF27...
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Stock Item 10509
Replacement Plastic Tierset for Home Fountain (Elite/Classic)

For Models CF18M Elite and CF18L Classic Only.
Stock Item 10324
Replacement Plastic Tierset for Home Fountain (Select)

For model CF16E-SST fountains only. Includes: Crown, Top Tier, Bottom Tier, both cylinder pieces and the auger.
Stock Item 17324
Topper for Commercial Chocolate Fountains

Decorative topper for the 34" and 44" commercial chocolate fountains. Can use almost any object including magnetic objec...

Regular Price: $34.99

Special Price: $19.99

Stock Item 10505
Replacement Stainless Steel Tierset

Fits Fountain models: CF18M 19" (Elite), CF18L (Classic) and CF18H (Signature). All stainless steel tierset, except aug...
Stock Item 17326

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Stabilizer-Cortez 23" Commercial Fountain

Stabilizer for 23" Cortez Commercial Fountain. Has 2" diameter.
Stock Item 80044-01
Stabilizer-Aztec 27" Commercial Fountain

Stabilizer for the 27" Aztec Commercial chocolate fountain. Has 2.25" diameter.
Stock Item 80044-02
Stabilizer-34/44" Commercial Fountain

Stabilizer for 34" and 44" QuickSet Montezuma and Sephra Commercial chocolate fountains. Has 3.25" diameter.
Stock Item 80046
CF23/27 NSF Square Shaft Replacement Kit

Basic maintenance kit for the 23" and 27" commercial chocolate fountain.Only for models that have the removable basin bo...
Stock Item 80248
CF34/44 NSF Square Shaft Replacement Kit

Basic maintenance kit for the 34" Montezuma and 44" Sephra commercial chocolate fountain. Only for the models that ha...
Stock Item 80244
CF34/44 Fixed Basin Shaft Replacement Kit

Basic maintenance kit for the 34" Montezuma and 44" Sephra FIXED basin commercial chocolate fountain.Only for the models...
Stock Item 80245
Top Plastic Crown (Elite/Classic)

For Models CF18M (Elite) and CF18L (Classic)
Stock Item 80300
Top Plastic Tier (Elite/Classic)

For Models CF18M (Elite) and CF18L (Classic)
Stock Item 80304
Bottom Plastic Tier (Elite/Classic)

For Models CF18M (Elite) and CF18L (Classic)
Stock Item 80303
Plastic Cylinder (Elite/Classic)

For Models CF18M (Elite) and CF18L (Classic) Fits on 4 pegs in center of fountain basin.
Stock Item 80305
Plastic Auger for Elite/Classic Home Fondue Fountain

Elite/Classic fondue chocolate fountain augerFor models CF18M and CF18L only.
Stock Item 80406
Plastic Crown (Select CF16E)

Fits the Select 16" small home fountain only.
Stock Item 80410
Top Plastic Tier (Select CF16E)

Top tier that sits underneath the crown on the Select 16" unit.
Stock Item 80413
Bottom Plastic Tier (Select CF16E)

Bottom and largest tier for the Select 16" unit.
Stock Item 80414
Plastic Cylinder (Select CF16E)

Fits on 3 pegs in center of fountain basin.
Stock Item 80416
Plastic Auger for Select Home Fondue Fountain (CF16E)

Auger for Select CF16E model only.
Stock Item 80415
Stainless Tierset Stabilizer

Stabilizer for stainless steel tierset that fits on models, CF19 Legend, CF18H (Signature), CF18M (Elite), CF18L (Classi...
Stock Item 80047

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Fondue Chocolate and Chocolate Fountains

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Sephra Chocolate Fountain Rental Directory

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Sephra is known world wide as the premier specialist in creating chocolate fountains for catering and home use. Since our inception in 2003, Sephra has been the innovator in creating chocolate fountains which are durable and easy to use. As evidence of our ongoing innovation of our chocolate fountain machines, Sephra has been issued four patents by the United States Patent and Trademark office and also holds patents in many other countries around the world.

Our catering chocolate fountain products are enjoyed all over the world. Our commercial chocolate fountains and home fondue fountains are guaranteed to bring fun and laughter to every occasion! These unique and decorative chocolate fountains serve from 20 to 300 guests without adding additional fondue chocolate. The newest member of the Sephra Chocolate Fountain family is the "Amazon". It stands at 54 inches high, adding a grand presentation to any event. The large 44 inch "Sephra" chocolate fountain is perfect to create the “WOW” factor for large buffets and parties. The "Montezuma" chocolate fountain at 34 inches is the most versatile of the catering chocolate fountains and is perfect for occasions such as: weddings, corporate socials, and other catered events of 200 plus guests. The "Aztec" chocolate fountain and the "Cortez" chocolate fountain round out the Sephra chocolate fountain product line. These smaller chocolate fountains are ideal for more intimate social gathering such as birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvah’s, anniversary celebrations, bridal and baby showers and family gatherings. A Sephra catering chocolate fountain is sure to delight your clients and customers as their guests indulge themselves in eating delicious treats covered in delicious, warm flowing chocolate.

Our home or mini chocolate fountain line of products is wonderful for entertaining family and friends. Sephra home chocolate fountains are known for how quiet they operate and how well they warm and melt the chocolate fondue right in the bowl of the chocolate fountain. No other home chocolate fountain can compete with the unique features of the Sephra home chocolate fountains. A Sephra home chocolate fountain makes the perfect gift for someone who enjoys entertaining and who loves chocolate!

Of course, a chocolate fountain is only as good as the chocolate fondue and Sephra’s specialty chocolate for chocolate fountains is a must. Its’ delicious creamy texture and incredible aroma will have you wanting to savor every last drop of chocolate. The viscosity and consistency of Sephra chocolate for chocolate fountains makes operating the chocolate fountain so much easier. No more adding vegetable oil to the chocolate to make it liquid enough to flow in the chocolate fountain. Sephra was the first to develop its own proprietary chocolate blend which flows flawlessly in the chocolate fountain every time. Choose from rich imported Belgian chocolate or Sephra’s premium chocolate fountain chocolate made here in America to use in your chocolate fountain.

To go along with the chocolate fountain, Sephra has a supply of many other accessories for use with the chocolate fountain such as: Bamboo skewers, Wooden fondue skewers, Metal fondue skewers, Plastic fondue skewers, Marshmallows, Chocolate coloring and chocolate flavorings. You can create your own chocolate fantasy with a Sephra chocolate fountain.

To assist our catering customers and consumers who wish to treat their guests to an incredible dessert, Sephra has introduced our chocolate mousse mixes which we import from Belgium. The proprietary recipe made with real Belgian chocolate, delivers exceptional flavor. Your guests will be licking their dishes and asking for more. These chocolate mousse mixes are available in dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse flavors. Additionally, our Belgian Crème Brulee’ mix is truly incredible. Each chocolate mousse mix or crème brulee’ mix package will serve approximately 30 guests.

When it comes to delivering the “WOW” factor for any party or event, a Sephra catering chocolate fountain or home chocolate fountain are sure to fulfill every expectation. We hope you will enjoy the delicious chocolate fountain chocolate, as you share special occasions with family and friends. Sign up for the Sephra newsletter and receive special discounts on our Sephra products.

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