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Ferrero Nutella Heated Dispenser With Electronic Pump for 1kg Nutella Cartridges

List Price: £349.00
Online price: £299.00

Ferrero Heated Nutella Dispenser, designed for use with 1kg Nutella Cartridges, ensures perfect consistency and temperature for your desserts. With an electronic one touch button to dispense your Nutella, it is ideal for professional use in cafes, bakeries, and dessert parlours.

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Introducing the Ferrero Heated Nutella Dispenser, exclusive to Sephra, a must-have for any professional kitchen or dessert parlour. Designed to use 1kg Nutella Cartridges, this dispenser ensures your Nutella is always at the perfect temperature and consistency. With a simple touch of a button, you can dispense the ideal amount of Nutella every time, making it perfect for topping pastries, filling croissants, and enhancing a wide variety of desserts.

The Nutella dispenser is incredibly easy to use. Simply insert the 1kg Nutella Cartridge into the back of the dispenser, wait 50 minutes for it to reach the perfect creaminess, and you’re ready to go. The programmable touch buttons allow you to choose between dispensing 15 grams or a continuous flow of Nutella, ensuring precise portions and reducing waste.

Hygiene and ease of cleaning are top priorities with this dispenser. The detachable rear cover and topping nozzle make it easy to maintain, while the controlled heating surface ensures consistent fluidity without direct contact. To clean, avoid using detergents or tools that could scratch the surface, and never clean the bottom with running water or pressurised steam jets, as this could damage the electrical system.

Perfect for use in cafes, bakeries, and buffets, the Ferrero Heated Nutella Dispenser not only improves the efficiency of your operations but also promotes impulse purchases with its iconic design. This versatile and innovative dispenser will ensure every serving of Nutella is as delightful as the last.



Only available for shipping within the UK. For locations outwith the UK please contact your local authorised Ferrero Distributor.

By purchasing this equipment, you agree to the following terms; Exclusive Use of Nutella: You agree to use this equipment exclusively with Nutella hazelnut spread and no other products. Manufacturer's Guidance: You agree to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the cleaning and maintenance of this equipment. Information Sharing: You agree that your company name and address may be shared with Ferrero UK, the distributor of Nutella. Failure to comply with these terms may void any warranties.
Product Approximate Weight:

Product Approximate Dimensions:
195mm x 267mm x 289mm

Outer Box Approximate Dimensions:
210mm x 290mm x 390mm

1 x Ferrero Electronic Nutella Dispenser

80W, 220-240V, 50HZ-60Hz

Iconic Shape
One touch dispensing
Detachable rear cover
Topping nozzle


1 Year limited warranty - does not cover wear and tear, or incorrect usage.

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